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Amendments: Reforms make tariff commission business-friendly

LAHORE: National Tariff Commission (NTC) Chairman Qasim M Niaz has said that necessary reforms and amendments have been made in the National Tariff Commission Act 2015 to make it more business-friendly.

The organisation administers trade remedy laws to deal with dumped and subsidised imports of goods that are hurting Pakistan’s industry and is also assisting the businesses to become competitive.

Niaz was speaking at a seminar on ‘Reforms in trade laws administered by the NTC’ at the Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI). LCCI President Abdul Basit and Vice President Muhammad Nasir Hameed Khan spoke on the occasion about tariff matters, anti-dumping duties, countervailing duties and safeguard measures.

The NTC chairman said previously the commission had mainly been involved in technical work related to tariff rationalisation and removal of tariff anomalies. After the year 2000, the main focus shifted to administering the trade remedy laws.

According to Niaz, the NTC also advises the government on tariff and trade measures that facilitate the domestic industry, on trade remedy actions faced by Pakistani exporters and on rationalisation of tariff, tariff reform and removal of tariff anomalies.

LCCI President Abdul Basit said the business community welcomed the reforms in the National Tariff Commission Ordinance 2015, Anti-Dumping Duties Ordinance 2015, Countervailing Duties Ordinance 2015 and Safeguard Measures Ordinance 2015.

He said it would not be wrong to say that in the last couple of decades, the dynamics of international trade had changed significantly.

“One cannot expect exports to rise through signing free or preferential trade agreements, treaties to avoid double taxation and regional trade agreements,” Basit added.

Courtesy : Express Tribune



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