Saturday , 21 October 2017
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Available: Limofied formally launches in Pakistan

LAHORE: Limofied Technologies Limited – an Australian based car booking app – on Saturday formally announced its launch in Pakistan’s growing transport market.

The company will simultaneously begin its operations from Lahore and Faisalabad on December 25, as the management feels the need to tap second tier cities among metropolitan cities, said its Chief Executive Officer Kashif Saeed while talking with The Express Tribune.

Pakistan is the second country after Australia where the company has decided to launch its app.

Initially, the company will start with two categories; one will be the business class. “Charges for this will be Rs25 per kilometer with a base fare of Rs149, per minute charges of Rs6,” he said adding that the minimum price for one trip will be Rs199. On the other hand its economy class segment will target the common commuter, where they will charge Rs20/km, with base fare of Rs119, per minute charges of Rs4.5. The minimum charges for a single trip will be Rs150.

Courtesy : Express Tribune



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