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Businessmen seek equal incentives for Gwadar

KARACHI: The Pakistan Association of Auto Parts and Accessories Manufacturers (Paapam) has urged the government to shun bias and treat local industrialists at par with foreign investors in Gwadar region.

Paapam Chairman Mashood Ali Khan said only Chinese companies, active in aluminium, steel, edible oil, electric car and motorcycle etc, were given out land on lease in the phase 1 of industrial development zone of Gwadar. “It is unfair to promote international manufacturers at the cost of local producers. Local businessmen should also be allowed to set up industries with the same incentives,” he observed in a statement issued on Saturday.

The Paapam chief along with other leading businessmen visited the region on the invitation of Gwadar Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman Faisal Jamal Dashti to witness development activities there.

The phase 1 of Gwadar development industrial zone has already been completed where land has been given to the Chinese on lease with incentives and tax break for 20 years, whereas the phase 2 has only just started.

“The government should ensure adequate policies are introduced that allow balance in the distribution and usage of local resources, and help local businessmen to get into joint ventures with Chinese companies to aid the development of the economy as a whole,” he remarked.

He urged Federal Planning Minister Ahsan Iqbal to declare the entire Gwadar Industrial Estate as tax-free zone for all investors.

Courtesy : Dawn News



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