Sunday , 20 August 2017
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Corporate corner: Soneri Bank signs deal with Covalent

KARACHI: Soneri Bank with its recent strategic alliances with Covalent, Access Group and TPS Joint venture brings together the combined expertise of all the companies on one common platform, with mutual goals for successful digital transformation. With this collaboration with Covalent, Soneri Bank will experience enhanced customer experience, efficient launching of new products and services, easier integration with other systems, easy access to data and information and an expansive yet flexible platform. In our mission to provide innovative and efficient financial solutions to our customers and in regulation with the State Bank of Pakistan’s payment cards upgrades, Soneri Bank has embraced digital transformation. As part of the agreement, Covalent will setup an EMV Compliant Card Management System to power Soneri Bank EMV Debit MasterCard program.

courtesy : Express Tribune



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