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Textile sector: PTEA laments high RLNG prices

FAISALABAD: The Pakistan Textile Exporters Association (PTEA) has expressed concern over high RLNG prices, part of which is the recovery component of distribution losses and cost of supply to the textile sector.

Inclusion of such charges in RLNG prices has increased the production cost, rendering us unviable within the region, it said.

PTEA Chairman Ajmal Farooq and Vice Chairman Muhammad Naeem termed the recovery as a negative for the textile sector and demanded its immediate withdrawal.

The officials said that the textile sector is already suffering from a high cost of doing business, a situation made worse by high RLNG prices.

Industrial consumers in Sindh are paying Rs588 per mmbtu for gas supply as the Sindh High Court has declared GIDC collection unconstitutional, said the officials, adding that in comparison textile units in Punjab are paying more than Rs1,100 per mmbtu for RLNG.

The officials warned that revival of the Punjab-based textile industry would be next to impossible if the government delayed its decision.

“We urge the economic managers of the country to come forward and provide support to bring back viability in the textile industry and economic prosperity of the country,” added a statement issued by the PTEA.

Courtesy : Express Tribune



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