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7 confessions by a celebrity bodyguard that will shock you

7 confessions by a celebrity bodyguard that will shock you

If you think that the life of a celebrity bodyguard is fancy and glamorous, think again. A celebrity bodyguard confessed that their lives might seem thrilling but in reality there’s a lot more that goes down on a day to day basis.


Speaking to Cosmopolitan, a body guard with more than 20 years of experience shared how he has protected the lives of the rich and famous. He primarily takes care of musicians and also works with actors and athletes.

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1. He shared that celebrities recommend their bodyguards to other celebs. If you are good at what you do, irrespective of your particular set of skills, they will hire you.

2. Celebs will most certainly expect you to live on their time and their routine. “Our schedules aren’t our own. Depending on the type of client you have, there might be situations where you eat when they eat. You might not eat at the same table with them. If you go to a fancy restaurant and there’s a low degree of risk, you bring more attention to them if you stand over their shoulder with an earpiece. Instead, you sit at your own table and keep a low profile. And the best way to keep a low profile is to have a plate in front of you.”

3. Celebs tend to take advantage of over friendly body guards and when you cross the line, its hard to get back. They would ask for personal favors like grabbing their suitcases, walking the dog etc. One has to draw the line and make sure it doesn’t get blurred.

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4. You will be informed at a very short notices regarding trips halfway across the world. “The client’s life is fast-paced and unpredictable, and that means by default the bodyguard’s is as well. That can make things like relationships and planning your personal life difficult. But I have had the opportunity to see the world several times, doing something I love — helping others. I come from a pretty humble background … so to be able to be in a profession that allows me literally to be in Tokyo one day and Egypt the next is pretty amazing,” shared the bodyguard.


5. Bodyguards are put in awkward and illegal position sometimes. There will be times when you can get a call from someone like Snoop Dogg and that could mean there’ll be involvement of drugs. So to stay clean you have to choose your battles wisely.

6. This is a common one. Celebrities are narcissistic by nature. That’s not such a bad thing but when it takes a toll on celeb’s personal life, it starts trickling down to those working on them. For example, they might forget their spouse’s birthday or some special day at school of their child’s and they expect you to work and do the things that facilitate their needs.

7. Celebs can be either totally predictable or unpredictable. “Nothing surprises me anymore,” reveals the bodyguard. There are new celebs who get a recording contract and get in trouble with girls and there are some who can even make the bad press turn in their favor. The bodyguards have seen it all.

Courtesy : Express Tribune



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