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Amber Heard Is Messy Actress Arrives Late And Disheveled After Avoiding Johnny Depp Divorce Deposition

Amber Heard Is Messy: Actress Arrives Late And Disheveled After Avoiding Johnny Depp Divorce Deposition

Amber Heard arrived disheveled and extremely late to her divorce deposition with Johnny Depp’s lawyers. The 30-year-old actress delayed the meeting by 90-minutes, arriving at 11:30 a.m., instead of 10 a.m., and looked as if she had just rolled out of bed. According to Page Six, Heard’s hair was greasy and she was tucking her unbuttoned blouse into her pants as she waited for the elevator to arrive.

Her unkempt and delayed appearance kept her lawyer and Depp’s — Samantha Spector and Blair Berk respectively — waiting and fueled opinions over who is the injured party in this ugly divorce. Amber Heard has avoided testifying for the divorce deposition; delaying or rescheduling meeting several times as Depp’s lawyer’s look for inconsistencies in her stories of abuse.

Heard arrived at Wasser, Cooperman, and Mandles to answer questions that Berk has regarding her claims that Johnny physically, verbally, and mentally abused her throughout their relationship. Amber’s late arrival was caught by TMZ, as she tried to evade the paparazzi by entering the West Hollywood law office with a bodyguard through the underground parking structure.

Sobbing Bruised Amber Heard Granted Depp Restraining Order … : https://t.co/RrPp2m6n4b.,,,, pic.twitter.com/7c4LbpqpBF

— Kaylee Smith (@Smith1Kaylee) June 24, 2016

Amber Heard filed for divorce from the Pirates of the Caribbean star on May 23, after 15-months of marriage, then filed a restraining order four days later, citing abuse. She arrived at court May 27, with pictures of her bruised face in hand as proof of Depp’s abuse and claims of a tumultuous union with an abusive alcoholic, and drug abuser.

Los Angeles County: Support Johnny Depp against Amber Heard – Sign the Petition! https://t.co/Dvg6JiCht2 via @Change

— Druana Kerridwen (@FantasyWeavers) July 29, 2016

Perhaps, if her divorce filing and abuse claims hadn’t coincided with the opening of Alice Through the Looking Glass and the death of the Pirates of the Carribean star’s mother, sympathy towards her may have been greater. Many saw this as a heartless display and wondered about the legitimacy of her claims. Depp’s lawyer, Laura Wasser, used the speculation to their advantage.

“Amber filed her petition three days after the death of Johnny’s mother. There has been significant commentary in the media as to this timing, given that Johnny was very close to his mother.”

Heard’s attempt to paint Depp as a belligerent wife-beater with substance abuse problems has been overshadowed by his allegations that the Magic Mike actress is a gold-digger who attempted to shake him down. He claims she would air his dirty laundry if he didn’t give her a hefty alimony settlement and a quickie divorce; which is precisely what she did three days after his mother — 81-year-old Betty Sue Palmer — died from a long illness.

Her reaction to “What do you think about the people that don’t believe that Johnny beat you?”. #AmberHeard <3 pic.twitter.com/wvXWEjKNEP — Daily Amber Heard (@dailyamberheard) August 6, 2016 Johnny was promoting Alice Through the Looking Glass, the sequel to Alice in Wonderland in which he reprised his role as the Mad Hatter, and she knew accusing him of physically abusing her would mean bad publicity for the movie; which subsequently did not do well at the box office. Alice Through the Looking Glass made $34 million in its opening weekend, versus the $116 million Alice in Wonderland made its opening week, mentions Rolling Stone. Amber Heard Is Messy: Actress Arrives Late And Disheveled After Avoiding Johnny Depp Divorce Deposition [Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images] Amber Heard fought back against the gold-digging claims by removing spousal support from her list of demands in June. According to The Sun, the former model is blaming a “false and negative” media campaign for pulling attention away from the fact that she is a “victim of domestic violence.” “In light of the coordinated false and negative media campaign falsely depicting my attempts to attain a CLETS Domestic Violence Restraining Order as being financially motivated, I am hereby withdrawing my request.” Many of Depp’s exes, friends, and fans, including Vanessa Paradis — whom he lived with for 14 years, and has two children; Lily-Rose, 17, and Jack, 14 — have come to Depp’s defense, saying Heard’s claims are “outrageous” and he’s never once put his hands on any of them, reports TMZ. known Johnny Depp for years and through several relationships. He’s the sweetest, kindest, gentlest man that I’ve ever known. Just saying. — Paul Bettany (@Paul_Bettany) May 28, 2016 An investigation into Heard’s allegations produced no evidence except for the word of her friend, Tillett Wright, who claims to have heard Johnny’s abuse over the phone. Page Six reported exclusively in April 2015, that the openly bisexual Heard’s relationship with Wright, a Brooklyn-based photographer, and bisexual-rights activist, was a point of contention in their marriage. The divorce drama could have been squashed Friday night, when according to TMZ, representatives from both sides tried to come to an agreement, but by 9 p.m., the meeting was concluded without a resolution. Johnny Depp is looking forward to the end of the Amber Heard divorce drama, reports People. “He feels stressed about all the Amber drama. He never anticipated getting a divorce. He just wants it all to be over and move on.” Courtesy : inquisitr.com



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