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Biased, Non-conformist Presenting the New-age Mothers of Bollywood

Biased, Non-conformist: Presenting the New-age Mothers of Bollywood

‘Mother’- one of the most exploited figure in Hindi Films, has always been the one imparting perfect wisdom to her children. More or less, Bollywood mothers have always been a victim of either emotions or their circumstances. It’s always the love of their children that inspires them to fight all odds like in ‘Mother India’, or children’s love dividing her in ‘Deewaar’. Bollywood has a special place for mothers draped in white saari, crying for her children and sacrificing everything for them but the trend is now changing.

The new age Bollywood mother doesn’t believe in being the goody-two shoes- angelic figure. She is a person with flaws and embraces the flaws of her children as well. These ‘modern mothers’ don’t expect their sons to be an inspector nor do they advice their daughters to be a good ‘bahus’, instead teach them to be who they are. On the occasion of Mother’s Day, News18 brings to you a list of characters who have turned the tables on the portrayal of mothers in recent time. Embrace the change people!

Manju in ‘Khoobsurat’

A quirky girl meets a sophisticated prince and has a happily ever after. The story of ‘Khoobsurat’ was like any old school Disney film, however the mother of the girl wasn’t. Manju Chakravarty (Kirron Kher) shares an extremely friendly relationship with her children. She’s open-minded, straight forward woman who doesn’t believe in the conventional mother-daughter relationship. She’s outspoken and teaches her daughter to be open about her feelings. Unlike the usual, ‘beti ghar ki izzat’ mentality that persisted in Bollywood for a long time, Manju is like a fresh breath of air who doesn’t judge her daughter or her actions.


Neelam in ‘Dil Dhadakne Do’

Shefali Shah brings a different grace to all her characters and Neelam Mehra in Zoya Akhtar’s ‘Dil Dhadakne Do’ was no different. Neelam, wife of a successful businessman and mother of two adults, doesn’t believe in hiding her despair from the family. She’s strong in her own conventional ways and doesn’t shy away from baiting her children for her husband’s success. She’s quite upfront in front of her children and even discusses her husband’s infidelity with them. Neelam depicts the changing form of motherhood in Bollywood, where she’s evolving in her own conventional style.


Chhobi Mashi in ‘Piku’

Moushumi Chatterjee as Chhobi Mashi is confident, modern woman who doesn’t confirm herself to rules. Mother to a teenage girl and a mother-like figure in Piku’s(Deepika Padukone) life, the woman keeps her interests alive. Unlike the ‘burdened’ mothers of Bollywood, she’s is carefree and thinks about her own happiness as much as her children. She doesn’t judge Piku for having a ‘need-based’ relationship. Refreshing change in the ideal ‘motherhood’ definition, indeed.


Kia’s Mother in ‘Ki and Ka’

Just like the above mentioned ‘Chhobi Mashi’ another coming of the age mother was Swaroop Sampat in ‘Ki and Ka’. Mother of an ambitious daughter, she never asked her to stop and be the ‘ideal daughter’. She is open about Kia’s preferences and priorities. Her advice include having sex with the partner before marriage and herself dating men instead of stressing over her daughter’s marriage. This bold mother breaks all the set moulds of ‘sansakari, pyaari ma’ idea that Bollywood had been feeding to the society since time immemorial.


Sunita in ‘Kapoor and Sons’

A mother can never discriminate between her children. Well the ideology goes for a toss in Shakun Batra’s ‘Kapoor and Sons’. Very subtly, the human flaw of biasness is shown through a mother. A mother is a human first and can have her favourite child as well! Sunita Kapoor loves both her sons equally but evidently shares a greater bond with elder son Rahul. She is her younger son’s rock but doesn’t believe in him or his talent. For her Rahul is the ideal son and doesn’t shy away from breaking her other’s son’s confidence in other to help the ‘preferred one’. Sunita does not think twice before opening up about her husband’s infidelity in front of her entire family.


Chanda in ‘Nil Battey Sannata’

Swara Bhaskar as Chanda Sahey is a typical mother who wants the best for her only daughter. A maid by profession, Chanda does everything in her reach to get her daughter to school and wants her to raise above their current living state. Chanda never had a chance to complete her studies but wants her daughter to achieve it. However, when the daughter denies to be a part of her mother’s progressive thinking, Chanda takes it upon herself and enrolls in her daughter’s class. Facing all the laughs, amusements and comments initially and eventual acceptance by the students later on, she not only inspires her daughter to study but also fulfills her own dream of completing her studies. Chanda is poor but never lets the circumstances come in between her progressive approach; she competes with her daughter and instead of becoming victim of situations, faces the challenge like a fighter.

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