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Fardeen Khan's dramatic transformation gives fodder to Twitter trolls

Fardeen Khan’s dramatic transformation gives fodder to Twitter trolls

Bollywood’s chocolate boy Fardeen Khan has put on some weight and Twitter has gone to town to body-shame the actor.

According to India Times, the Kambakht Ishq actor who was last seen on the silver screen over six years ago, is planning to make a comeback with his own venture, but there’s a huge surprise for his followers the hunk no longer looks like his lean character Shekher in No Entry.

Recent pictures of him have surfaced online, giving Twitter trolls their new prey.

Here’s what some people think of Fardeen’s new appearance.

Pic 1: Fardeen Khan.
Pic 2: Fardeen Khan in Gold. pic.twitter.com/H0fwQhmarU

— Ashesh (@ashesh_dxb) May 20, 2016

Anant Ambani’s loss is Fardeen Khan’s gain. pic.twitter.com/N6zT9Z8Ctu

— HHBBC (@BabaBakChod) May 20, 2016

Sure, the actor’s put on weight, but does that give Twitter the right to body-shame him?

Fardeen Khan is now antonym of Adnan Sami. pic.twitter.com/NX9aC0pYAS

— Moneyश (@iManiish) May 20, 2016

Fardeen Khan : Chocolate boy to rosugulla boi. pic.twitter.com/6XJ4N81NoZ

— SUPERaMAN (@amanranchan) May 20, 2016

Fardeen Khan ate his career.

— NumbYaar (@NumbYaar) May 20, 2016

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Thankfully, some fans stood up against body-shaming, and showed empathy towards the Bollywood actor.

Read a few horrible, extremely nasty tweets on Fardeen Khan for gaining weight. Twitter can be such a ruthless medium, how sad! #BodyShaming

— Sanyukta Iyer (@Sanyukta_Mirror) May 20, 2016

Why is everyone body shaming Fardeen Khan now? He put on weight. Big deal. Get over it.

— NRK (@PWNeha) May 20, 2016

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We don’t body shame women post pregnancy, then why body shame Fardeen Khan. His life his pizza. So be it.

— The Silent Indian (@Mute_Indian) May 20, 2016

Body-shaming isn’t cool, guys.

Courtesy : Express Tribune



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