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Here’s how Momina ‘maid’ a fool out of this elitist troll

Here’s how Momina ‘maid’ a fool out of this elitist troll

KARACHI: Momina Mustehsan became an overnight sensation following her debut on Coke Studio, with people falling over each other over her looks. But she’s more than just a pretty face, and here’s the proof.

The Awari singer’s epic response to a rather elitist tweet, which stated “No offence, but she resembles the maid girl at my house”, deserves a standing ovation.

Speaking to The Express Tribune, Momina shed light on the subject saying, “I feel so strongly about this.”

“It’s not like I haven’t read hate comments about me before and it’s not that they bother me much. I do understand that not everyone will say good things about me, especially when they don’t know much about me,” she added.

Not comfortable being a public figure: Momina Mustehsan

While many celebrities refrain from responding to trolls, Momina felt it was important to shutdown this particular person.

“I decided to respond to this particular comment because I hate how there is this elitist culture and mindsets plagued by a superiority complex. We love labeling people and putting them down to make ourselves feel elevated,” she said.

The singer added that people need to start seeing and treating other for who they are. Gender, race, cast/creed and the amount of money you earn or the value of the house you live in doesn’t define you, “There is beauty in everything and in everyone,” she said.

Toss Up: Momina Mustehsan

“So, trying to put me down by comparing me to a maid is absurd. I’m pretty sure maids work harder than I do in a day to earn an honest livelihood; so, it’s actually an honour to be compared to a hardworking, independent woman. Bottom line: being a maid shouldn’t be synonymous with not being beautiful,” she added.

Rahat, Momina create magic!

Momina further shared that she never wanted her looks to overshadow her talent.

“I don’t get what the fuss is about. I love singing and I decided to grab an opportunity at such a prestigious platform. I’m not a model or an actress. I wasn’t at Coke Studio to showcase anything apart from my music.


“I never asked to be judged for my appearance, neither did I claim to be flawless or beautiful. People who know me personally know that I am a very simple person and I hardly know anything about fashion or styling,” she said, adding, “In fact, a few times my parents have refused to take me to weddings because I refused to put in the effort to even brush my hair to look presentable.”

Momina’s humility has made her win even more hearts. Here’s everyone who is as impressed as we are:

Courtesy : Express Tribune



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