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Modi Teri’ will leave you in fits

‘Modi Teri’ will leave you in fits

KARACHI: Ali Gul Pir and SomeWhatSuper have brought a hilarious take on the Pakistan and India tensions with their latest offering Modi Teri. While the song will surely keep you in fits of laughter, it has quite a few interesting ideas to share.

In an earlier interview with The Express Tribune, Pir had said the issue is not between the two countries but rather with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s mindset. The song does not camouflage behind any sweet talk and blatantly criticises his actions.

Interestingly, Pir points out the insecurity and paranoia experienced by the Indian government. While on the outside they project a tough image, they still panic about the ‘Agent Pigeon’. The comedian aptly criticises the contradictory behaviour of Modi.

The song takes a dig at Adnan Sami as well, calling him untalented. It is ironic that Sami originally hails from Pakistan and it is most likely that Pir and even SomeWhatSuper band mates, Talha Dar and Feroze Faisal, grew up listening to his music, but now when he is pro-India, we collectively disown him.

With the amount of insults hurled at the neighbours, it seems as though Pir is deliberately attempting to provoke a reaction. However, he has claimed that music is the only way he can channel his anger. And, that he does with full force.

On another note, the best thing about the song is its music. Remove the lyrics and it would be equally listenable. The beat by SomeWhatSuper takes the song to another level, injecting it with infectious energy.

Courtesy : Express Tribune



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