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Momina Mustehsan refutes claims of collaboration with London-based artist

Momina Mustehsan refutes claims of collaboration with London-based artist

KARACHI: “Abbas Hasan and Momina Mustehsan have been tirelessly working on a song called Na Janoon,” read a recent press release issued by Hasan’s PR representatives at Pitch Media. “In true Abbas Hasan style, the song is meant to be a ‘dreamy love song’ duet between the two and is likely to also feature the star singing some verses in French,” it went on to add.

However, when The Express Tribune contacted Mustehsan to learn more about the upcoming track, it turned out that it is one she has not given a thought to since 2012. In a telephonic conversation from LA, the Awari hit-maker shared, “I’m not doing a song with Abbas Hasan although it’s surprising because he did describe it perfectly. It is a dreamy love song the details of which I shared with him in 2012 because he’s good friends with a friend of mine, Adnan Kazi.”

Sounding disappointed Mustehsan added, “This is exactly like the whole Danyal Zafar thing from a PR point of view,” referring to rumours about Mustehsan’s personal life making the rounds on social media recently. The singer had to take to Twitter to clear things out. “I am not engaged to anyone, guys. Relax!” she had tweeted.

The celebrity rumour mill is always churning and it seems like Mustehsan is its latest target. The budding singer clarified that she is not working on any song currently but is involved in two other projects that are quite close to her heart. “I am working on a project I shared a teaser about on my social media with the hash tag #GirlPower. It’s related to the Punjab Protection of Women against Violence Act 2016 and is a video with plenty of women from Pakistan,” she shared. “I am also doing another campaign in Pakistan and Egypt that will be out soon.”

According to Mustehsan, both videos are about women breaking stereotypes. As Pakistan’s latest music sensation and ‘the nation’s sweetheart’ with a degree in engineering and mathematics, Mustehsan is surely in a good place to talk about going against the norm. “I will be making music but I’m not sure about whether I’ll be doing so commercially. Even when I did Coke Studio, my primary purpose was not to become a rock star. It was just to explore that platform as it is a pretty prestigious one.”

Mustehsan shot to fame only recently, on account of her singing prowess as well as her looks. In fact, the youngster took social media by storm immediately after Afreen Afreen her Coke Studio debut with Rahat Fateh Ali Khan was released and has attracted the nation’s interest since then. Hasan, a London-based artist who has worked with Priyanka Chopra, Shahrukh Khan and Humaima Mallick, was not available for a comment.

Courtesy : Express Tribune



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