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Reply Of Reema Khan After Sahir Lodhi Kisses and Hug Her

Reply Of Reema Khan After Sahir Lodhi Kisses and Hug Her

Reema Khan, known by her screen name Reema, is a Pakistani Lollywood film actress, director and producer. She has appeared in more than 200 films since making her debut in 1990 and have been recognised by Pakistan and Indian film critics for her acting.

Early life

Reema Khan was born in Lahore in Pakistan in 1972 to a Punjabi household. She was first spotted in 1990 by the Pakistani film director Javed Fazil and was offered the leading role in his film Bulandi.
Personal life

Reema Khan married Pakistani-American cardiologist S. Tariq Shahab in November 2011. On March 24, 2015, Khan gave birth to her first child, a son.

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Reema Khan is a famous Model, Film star and Actress of Pakistan. She is a good producer, director and Social worker also. She is including in some famous Pakistani celebrity. This beauty of Pakistan was born in Pakistan’s city name Sahiwal on October 27, 1997. Khan got her early education from a preeminent school of Multan. She got her higher education from the city of lights Lahore. Her family shifted to Lahore because of her higher education. Being Muslim she learnt Holy Quran as her early education. As learning Holy Quran is inherent part of a Muslim child.

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