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Sonu Nigam performs on the street under a beggar's guise

Sonu Nigam performs on the street under a beggar’s guise

JUHU: Who would have thought Bollywood’s finest singer Sonu Nigam would perform on the streets of Juhu for the common man and that too, in the guise of a beggar?

As part of a social experiment conducted by a popular Indian YouTube channel by the name of ‘Being Indian’, Sonu Nigam donned tattered clothes and disguised himself to look like an old man. He then sat at a roadside place and began strumming his guitar. Pretty soon, the Dil Ne Yein Kaha Se Dil Se singer began playing his most renowned tune, Kal Ho Na Ho. A couple of passersby paid attention to the delightful tune and one man even paid Nigam twelve rupees.

After he was done with his performance, Sonu Nigam returned to his old self by tossing away his costume and said:-

“It was a humbling experience. One man gave me Rs.12 after listening to my song. I have the rupee note framed now. I would like to meet him again and give back something,” he said.

The social experiment was titled ‘The Roadside Ustaad’ and the main purpose was to determine ‘how Indians react to beauty when it is just around the corner.’

This is not the first time that the Indian singer has made headlines for something unusual. A couple of months back, the singer was on his way from Mumbai to Jodhpur on a Jet Airways flight when he used the flight announcement system to entertain passengers with his singing prowess. The Jet Airways crew was suspended for allowing Nigam to break protocol and use the airplane’s equipment for entertainment.

Courtesy : TheNews



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