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Waqar Zaka attended Tomorrowland and we have a few questions

Waqar Zaka attended Tomorrowland and we have a few questions

Pakistan’s most avid entertainer, Waqar Zaka attended one of the biggest electronic music festivals in the world — Tomorrowland.

The festival took place in Belgium from 22 July to 24 July and Waqar updated his fans live from the festival.

Pakistan’s self-proclaimed ‘Borat’ Waqar Zaka seeks dream girl at World Cup

Though entertaining, his live updates were a little confusing.

First of all, we commend the patriotism but this isn’t a Pak-India cricket match.

Waqar Zaka says ‘Line Pe Ajao’

In his Pakistani jersey, on his way to an electronic music festival, Waqar decides to listen to India Waley. Did he forget about his patriotism or the fact that he’s on his way to listen to electronic music?

This caption was rather ambiguous:

“Thank you Allah, you have given me so much and all of u all support me, love u.”

So we decided to investigate. Turns out his debit card got blocked, but his fans came to his rescue.

Wait, what?

Despite all the bumps along the way, Waqar managed to get in and have a blast.

Naturally, Twitter had a lot to say about his experience.

Waqar Zaka’s snapchat’s are so lame,they’re funny. Tamarow land. Lmao.😂

— H. (@VogueNinja) July 24, 2016

These allegations on Waqar Zaka for using charity money for his personal travels are kinda funny!

— Ali Raza (@AliRazarizvi34) July 23, 2016

So Waqar zaka is at Tomorrowland.
I’m fine, it’s okay, it only hurts when I BREATHE.

— Haadeashka. (@HaadeaP) July 22, 2016

Waqar Zaka is so funny. Says he doesn’t drink in one snap. Takes a shot in the next. #wat

— i. (@psychedliqz) July 18, 2016

Waqar Zaka has gone to #Tomorrowland this year. Im SO glad I didn’t make any plans for this year.

— breen (@breenrana) July 24, 2016

You might be cool, but you’ll never be Waqar Zaka cool.

Courtesy : Express Tribune



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