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11 startling revelations by some of Bollywood’s biggest actresses

In our society, women often remain tight-lipped about various facets of their lives.

Even woman celebrities often desist from being rather candid about their personal lives.

During a recent interview on Rajeev Masand’s year-ending show, The Actresses Roundtable 2016, several Bollywood stars including Anushka Sharma, Vidya Balan, Sonam Kapoor, Radhika Apte and Alia Bhatt spoke at length on a range of issues.

Some of their confessions are bound to leave their fans startled.

1. Alia, Anushka and Sonam revealed how it feels to shoot a kissing scene.

2. Sonam revealed that she was molested in her childhood.

3. Vidya recollected how Sanjay Dutt was uncomfortable during a love making scene with her on set.

4. Vidya also shared that she chose to do whatever projects she wanted to, slamming the concept of quantity in the entertainment industry.

5. Sonam delved into body image issues, saying she wears beautiful clothes as a defense mechanism.

6. Anushka spoke about how the industry is evolving because actresses are finally taking the call for themselves.

7. Sonam recounted the time Harrison Ford was rude to her mother.

8. Anushka mentioned her relationship deal breaker.

9. Anushka and Sonam said they don’t believe in rating people.

10. Radhika revealed she doesn’t care about people creeping about her nude scenes in movies.

11. Alia felt reporters should grow up and stop asking questions about kissing scenes.

Watch the complete video here.

courtesy : Express Tribune



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