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6 things Farhan and Urwa should do, now that they’re finally married

The Urwa Hocane and Farhan Saeed’s wedding has been making headlines for quite some time. Be it the heartwarming proposal in Paris, the renewal of vows at Badshahi mosque, or the couple gracing the red carpet at their wedding reception, the fairytale is finally over.

Here are some pieces of advice for the newly wed star couple.

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Detach yourself

Farhan should try and listen to Urwa’s song with no sense of belonging associated and Urwa must tell him how difficult a task it is to act and convince directors to cast him in a play. After all, humility and honesty is the first step towards a lasting relationship.

Take the red pill

Tell Mawra that she makes things awkward. Now that there’s no hope for Bollywood or Ranbir in sight, she better kheench someone else’s photo and put it under her pillow. A trio is never acceptable in a post-shaadi frame so better not be the Kabab mae Haddi – unless you’re promoting a film with a complicated plot line.

Warn us

In case you guys are planning to go on a honeymoon, please do let us know in advance. We would check off those locations from this year’s vacation list. Not that we don’t like you (Obviously, we love you) but the Eiffel Tower is just not the same anymore. Mawra must’ve suggested you go to Corsica but don’t listen to her. Woh nadaan hai…

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Rename the brand

How the media was welcomed at the wedding reception and how the couple has been basking in the success of their grand event, makes it clear that they’ve made something very private into a public affair. By doing so, they have now marketed themselves as collective product, which might not prove to be a very good decision in the long run. For now, however, they should just rename themselves ‘Farwa’. It’s shorter and obviously gives Brangelina and Saifeena some tough competition.

Learn to dance

Since one half of Farwa is decent at singing and the other is marginally better at acting, it probably isn’t very difficult for the duo to compensate for each other’s shortcomings. But one thing that is as true as the sun in the sky is that they both don’t know how to dance. Without further ado, they should hire a proper dance instructor, not only because dancing is good for your health but also because the standard of Pakistan’s leading award shows is highly dependent on Farwa’s craftiness.

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Don’t sign a film together

Learn from your married colleagues and don’t sign a film together. It only helps the more talented and the more in-demand half of the relationship. While who is more talented or in demand here remains a mystery but Amina and Mohib Mirza’s career trajectory should be an eye opener for you. Amina continues to prosper while Mohib continues his journey downhill, despite co-starring with her in a number of projects.

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