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9 dishes that are great value for money at Karachi Eat

It’s time to dish out the good stuff.

Images sniffed out all the best foods on Karachi Eat Day 1; easy on the pocket and rich on taste. Before you head to Frere Hall today or tomorrow, here are 9 food items you should probably try out which won’t giving your wallet a panic attack:
1) Stuffed naans from Naan Saab

Who doesn’t love stuffed naan? In all likelihood, the chilly weather is going to have you craving garam, garam naan and what’s better than naan with cheese?

Naan Saab’s got a good serving size and their Cheese Naan for Rs250 looked delicious.
2) Fried Oreos at Lady Marmalade’s
What’s better than Oreos deep fried and served with ice cream?

This stall had a bunch of things to satisfy our sweet tooth but the one dessert which caught our fancy were the Friend Oreos, at Rs300 for a two-person dessert or snack w/ ice cream, we were in dessert heaven.

If you wish to ditch the ice cream it’ll cost you Rs200.
3) Asian cuisine at Soi
This is just a sample size, so just image how big one serving must be!

Yes, it’s a restaurant and you can very easily go there to eat so why try it at Karachi Eat?

BUT Soi’s got some amazing prices for its serving size and though we absolutely loved the Wasabi Prawns (Rs300), their other food items were just as worth trying, like the Oriental Spicy Noodles Rs250, Sticky Oyster Chicken With Rice Rs300 and Mongolian Beef with Rice Rs300.
4) Dosas at Khao Dosa
It’s big and it’s juicy. Oops.

Their Chicken Dosa at Rs300 is a total steal! And it’s filled with lotsa chickeeennn.
5) Samosa Shots at 8Teas
Perfect snack which won’t fill you up.

The perfect snack while with a bunch of friends. They’re not even super filling and you get to try out other foods as well. At Rs100 we thought 8Teas Chicken Samosa Shots were a total win!
6) Soup at Knorr
Iz got crackers too!

It’s cold and windy in Karachi and nothing tastes better than a generous bowl of piping hot soup in this weather. Knorr’s soups are dirt cheap at Rs50.
7) Crepes at Crepe Tease
This crepe was a total tease. No joke.

Just look at it. Not only is the serving size big but this Chocolate Crepe is only for Rs300. We’re lovin’ it.
8) Unique desserts at Pepperlime and Sugar Plum
These babies were so so good.

For another bite-sized dessert, you must must try the Pomegranate Chocolate balls at Pepperlime and Sugar Plum, they’re only for Rs50 each — but only if you like your chocolate with fruits.
9) Chicken wings at Crunch n Munch
Look at all that delectable sauce.

Five chicken wing pieces for Rs300 is a good deal! Plus, Crunch n Munch did a great job of The Wild Vengeance wings, they were piping hot when we got them and lathered with sauce.

Courtesy : Dawn News



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