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9 remedies for dry lips

NEW DEHLI: Much like skin, our lips can fall prey to cold weather as well. Therefore, it is imperative that you give them some much-needed TLC during winter, to avoid chaffing and discolouration.

According to Indian make up and beauty expert Aakriti Kochar, here are some tips for lip care during the cold winter months.

1) First and foremost, understand that your lips need adequate hydration. This is especially important in winter because the cold weather tends to make us feel less thirsty and often, we simply forget to drink water. So, it is important to make sure you consume a healthy amount of water, fresh fruits and vegetables to keep them moisturised from within.

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2) Apply petroleum jelly regularly in abundance to keep your lips soft and pink. However, when you do go out to purchase it, make sure you get one of sound quality. Petroleum jelly in, by nature, thick in consistency and a bad brand can make your skin oily, leading to pimples.

3) When stepping out, do not forget to protect your lips with SPF, just like you do for your skin. This prevents dryness and chaffing caused by the sun’s rays. If the problem persists, make sure to go and consult a dermatologist for professional help.

4) Few of you would know this but glycerin is actually a great home remedy for excessive dryness, especially when it appears in patches on your skin, area around your eyes or the lips. And what’s more, the internet is full of easy and time saving DIY face masks to whip up with glycerin so you won’t have to go to the salon for treatment, ever.

5) According to many makeup experts, one should avoid using matte lip sticks if they have dry lips. Creamy of more sheet textures are better in this case as they help moisturise the area.

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6) Shea butter is a great investment for people with dry skin. It has SPF properties that provide an instant boost of much-needed nourishment to the lips and help prevent skin problems in the future as well.

7) Many beauticians swear by coconut oil, when it comes to dryness. Apply it regularly on your lips during winters to prevent drying and flaking. Insider tip: you can also apply some coconut oil on your navel to nourish the lips from within. Cool, isn’t it?

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8) Vitamin E is a wholesome and ideal way to tackle all skin-related issues, be it dryness, discolouration or even acne. Lip balms and creams rich in Vitamin E are a good source of anti-oxidants and help maintain healthy skin. And if you like, you can consume Vitamin E pill directly as well. They have been proven to be very beneficial for your hair and nails too.

9) Make yourself an all-natural lip scrub at home by mixing some sugar and honey together. This mixture gently removes dryness by exfoliating the lip surface. Honey also helps keep them soft and nourished.

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