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9 ruffles that betrayed the celebrities who wore them

The latest fad to hit us is ruffles and it’s making ‘waves’ whether we like it or not.

Ruffles are incredibly tricky to pull off — too many frills and you risk looking clownish, or like a child playing dress up. And while some people do know how to use ruffles strategically to add just the right amount of oomph… we have to say that for the most part, ruffles have become the nemesis of most celebs who’ve worn them.

They say keep your friends close and enemies closer, but that doesn’t apply to ruffles.

Here are 9 examples to prove it:
1) Urwa Hocane’s pink bubble gum explosion
It’s difficult to wrap your head around something that’s so huge. Photo: Instagram

Urwa’s Amina Naeem dress looks like it’s ready to pop. Ruffles can sometimes get a bit overwhelming and this is one such example.

We’re still trying to figure out what it looks like: Levitating cotton candy? Meringue? Or just a bubble gum explosion?

2) Deepika Padukone’s Poison Ivy moment
Just too much happening. Photo: SpotBoye and Instagram.

Deepika’s Gauri and Nainika gown gives the impression of a climber plant creeping around Deepika’s body and sprouting a big flower next to the star’s face. Poison Ivy, much?

3) Anushka Sharma’s deflated shoulder poof
We’re not being sour oni grapes.

If you rock a ruffle, you better make sure it has structure, unlike the random growth on Anushka Sharma’s dress.

At first glance it looks like a wilted flower, or a baby sling, but on closer inspection it looks like a sour onion… just hangin’ out on top of Anushka’s shoulder.

Clothes with loose, frumpy ruffles near the chest are better left on the hanger… on second thought, they shouldn’t be hanging anywhere.
4) This ramp model channeling Big Bird
They just hung ruffles on her because they didn’t know what to do with the leftovers. Photo: Arsalan Bukhari/Instagram

No, it was not Halloween.

We don’t even know if this classifies as a dress; the outfit is literally JUST ruffles, so many ruffles.

5) Miss Pakistan USA Sarish Khan’s ruffle eruption
Wish somebody had sent a warning to Sarish.

Wait, what is that?

It’s growing and we fear it’s going to engulf Miss Pakistan USA… Somebody stop this.
6) Amo B’s drawing room curtains for sleeves
Amna Baber could do the shimmy shimmy with those sleeves. Photo: ElleLifestyle/Instagram

We get it; when life becomes mundane, you get the urge to ruffle things up but this is definitely not the way to do it.

We’re not sure what that thing on her shoulders is supposed to be but it looks like a curtain rail, for you know, Grandma’s cream old-fashioned curtains.

Sorry Amo B, even the best get it wrong sometimes. Or are forced to on the runway.
7) Momal Sheikh and her children’s art work
Are those two different materials? Photo: MomalSheikh/Instagram

Not sure what look Momal Sheikh was going for, but this shirt looks like the designer let his/her children let loose with a pair of scissors on the shirt.
8) Salina Taqi and her bird wings
Ruffles and one-shoulder are a bit much. Photo: Weekendmagazine/Instagram

The ruffles on those shoulders look like bird wings and the off-shoulder just makes the petite yogi look big. What makes the whole look worse is that the ruffles are layered. Yes. Unfortunate.
9) Aishwarya Rai and her toilet paper bride gown
Say hello to the paper bride. Photo: fashionncare

Was Ash playing the toilet paper bride game or did a stray cat attack her before she hit the red carpet? Either way, the dress is just layers and layers of ruffles that add unnecessary volume to her dress..

We need to start a new trend: #SayNoToRuffles.

courtesy : Dawn News



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