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Aamir Khan breaks silence on coach Sondhi’s allegations against Dangal

While Aamir Khan’s Dangal came in for effusive praise the world over, the film has left one individual particularly anguished, Times of India reports.

The man is Piara Ram Sondhi, who was in charge of the 2010 Commonwealth Games gold medal winning women’s wrestling team of India.

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Soon after the release of the film, Sondhi wasn’t too happy about how he had been portrayed in the film. Talking to ANI Sondhi said, “Mahavirji is an old friend of mine. I have a very close relation with the Phogat family. I have not seen the film yet, but the facts told to me by my students highlight things that I didn’t do. Just to spice things up you can’t defame me. I know the name isn’t the same, but it’s quite evident that I am the person being referred to here.”

Talking specifically about the climax of the film where Aamir, who plays Mahavir Phogat is forcefully locked in the room to not let him see Geeta’s final match he added, “If something like that happened in reality, even though there was so much security, do you think the media would have been quiet?”

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After the coach’s accusations, Aamir spoke to the media on the issue. “No, he was not actually locked up in the room. Like in every biopic, some bit of fiction is added but the spirit of the story of Mahavir, Geeta and Babita is intact. There may be a few incidents here and there which may not have happened exactly that way but in essence, it is their story,” the superstar said.

Dangal, released on December 23, is galloping towards the magic figure of INR2 billion at the box office.

courtesy : Express Tribune



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