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Aamir Khan’s new film ‘Secret Superstar’ trailer is one to look out for

Dangal famed duo, Aamir and the little girl who played one of his daughters in the movie, Zaira Waseem, is back yet again with another venture named as Secret Superstar.

Yesterday, Aamir Khan posted a video on his twitter account, saying that he is about to post something, and he hopes that the fans like it. Later, the teaser trailer of the movie was revealed.

A minute and twenty seven seconds trailer, reveals a little girl whose sole ambition is to be a renown singer. While her mother supports her dream, her father strongly opposes it.

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She watches in horror as her father rips away her guitar in front of her, leaving her only choice to make her voice heard behind a hijab and through a YouTube video.

So, cut to Aamir Khan and he tells us, “It is superhit, pasand aaya to like karo aur nahi aaya to taste change karo. (It is superhit, like it if you thought so too, or change your taste.)”

Talking to about his role in the movie, Mr. Perfectionist shared, “I am the tarka of this movie”.

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While talking about when the movie will be released, Aamir told that the movie will be released in about eight months time.

Well, if Khan believes that the movie is superhit, we are sure it will be a huge success. The movie is produced by Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao.

Here is the trailer of the movie:

courtesy : express tribune



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