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Amir Khan hopes Faryal’s feud with family will soon come to an end

As boxer Amir Khan continues on the US tour for his charity Amir Khan Foundation, he is greeted with questions about the very public feud between his wife Faryal Makhdoom and his parents and siblings.

At his latest stop in Washington, Amir expressed his hope that his family will mend their relationship in the future.

“Whatever happened, happened. Inshallah one day it will be sorted out,” he told the Mail Online.

“We want to be one family. It will take time but everything will be sorted out.”

Amir was attending the event with Faryal and their two year old daughter Lamaisah. At the event, he drew some laughs as he introduced his daughter on stage, who took the mic to say hi to the attendees.

Earlier this month, Faryal claimed on Snapchat that she has long suffered harassment from her in laws, who she said have tried to beat her and cause a rift in her marriage to Amir when she was nine months pregnant.

Her father and mother in law denied these claims in a TV interview, saying that their conflict with Faryal is solely over her choice of clothes. Faryal retaliated by posting an apparently nude photograph of her brother-in-law, which she claimed was taken while he was passed out at a girl’s house. She called out her in-laws for hypocrisy and double standards.

It was then Amir Khan finally broke his silence and called for the fight to end on Twitter.

“This is getting to the point where they will lose a son and a husband. Childish behaviour. Both parties need to stop this.”

courtesy : dawn news



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