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Amir Khan’s wife says sister in law assaulted her while she was pregnant

Boxer Amir Khan’s wife Faryal Makhdoom regrets stirring a hornet’s nest two weeks ago.

“It is getting crazy now. We all look stupid,” Daily Mail quoted her as saying. By “it” she meant the ugly feud with her in laws that began when she accused them of bullying her in a shocking social media rant. As the very public spat showed no sign of receding, Aamir intervened, pleading with his wife and family to end their “childish” fight. “This is getting to the point where they will lose a son and a husband,” he tweeted earlier.

Boxer Amir Khan’s wife bans his family from visiting their two-year-old, sister claims

“For Amir this is really hard because it’s the love of his life and the mother of his child fighting with his mum, dad and siblings. Obviously he’s not happy,” Faryal added.

According to her, she was three months pregnant when Amir’s family first asked her mother to fly from New York and take her home. “When my mum arrived, she begged Amir’s mum. Divorce is such a shameful thing for a girl in my culture. She even touched Amir’s mum’s feet. Then she asked Amir if he wanted her to take me and he said no,” Faryal stated. She also revealed how Amir’s sister assaulted her when she was eight months pregnant.

Boxer Amir Khan’s mother opens up on daughter in law’s abuse allegations

Faryal shared that she would fight for Amir forever and remain with him forever, no matter how many obstacles came their way. Recently, when Amir was being harassed by Twitter users for supporting his wife and not his parents, Amir jumped to Faryal’s defence.

“I have supported my wife and that’s right because she was in the right. Since I’ve been married I’ve seen how my family and siblings have treated her. It wasn’t fair,” he said.

courtesy : Express Tribune



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