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Arif Lohar all set to make acting comeback

LAHORE: After a gap of five years, renowned folk singer, Arif Lohar will be making a comeback to the local film scene. He will be playing a disciple of Sufi saint Waris Shah in an upcoming project.

According to the musician, he has been trying to star in a new film ever since the industry turned over a new leaf, and therefore, has been busy researching the various places that Waris Shah visited during his lifetime. The poet – who has some legendary pieces of literature, such as the love story of Heer Ranjha to his credit — has already been the centre of various Indian and Pakistani films, but this time around, a UK-based production company will be producing the film. In fact, it was the company that chose Lohar for the role.

“I am mostly known for singing but I have made a major contribution to our film industry as well,” Lohar told The Express Tribune. “I have done about 45 films and I last appeared in Syed Noor’s Jugni, which became very popular.”

Unfortunately, the singer had to take a step back from his career due to a personal crisis. He was also waiting for the entertainment industry to get back on its feet. “Now is a great time to make new films; I foresee a bright future for the industry. I cannot reveal too much about my role or the film as the producers wish to keep the details secret, but I can assure you that the film will be worth your time and ticket,” he said. “For me, it is an honour to promote the message of someone like Waris Shah through my work. First, I did it through my music and now, through this film.”

However, quality production and script remain Lohar’s top priorities. “I want people to know that I did not leave the industry and would never do so. I hope to do more projects in the future as long as they are of good quality,” he said. The Alif Allah hit-maker is also gearing up for a film about his father, who has sung Heer Ranjha previously. “My father and I have done our very best to make a positive contribution to not just Pakistani music but to the global music industry. It is comforting to see that wherever we go in the world, folk music is still very popular and it is our duty to try and keep that going.”

Courtesy : Express Tribune



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