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Azfar Rehman’s next TV serial ‘Nazar-e-Bad’ is based on black magic

Are Pakistani audiences ready for a love story with a spooky twist? Azfar Rehman seems to thinks so,

The actor’s next project titled Nazar-e-Bad will be based on black magic.

“It’s not a typical love story, it’s got an eerie element to it, it’s a little scary so it’s a very different project. It’s the first time I’m trying out something different, something totally opposite of my real personality,” shares the actor.

“I think kaala jaadoo is such a subject that people do want to know about, I’m sure people will enjoy it. Though I should warn you, it does have an element of fear so get ready for the thrills and chills!”

The cast also includes Sara Khan, Sakina Samo, Wasim Abbas, Fazeela Qazi, Ali Abbas, Qavi Khan, among others.
Veteran star Fazeela Qazi on the set of Nazar-e-Bad

Rehman also revealed that he also has another HUM TV serial in the pipeline with Sohai Ali Abro, as well as two feature films in the works.

“People enjoyed our pairing in our last project together, Tumhari Natasha. It’s a very sweet, chocolate love story so watch out for that. As for the movies, I can’t reveal too much but you’ll all find out soon enough!”

courtesy : dawn news



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