Sunday , 24 September 2017
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Bachelor people confused about Man sex timings “Mardana timing”

Some people are very confused and regularly searching about timings of their sex pleasure, and there are thousands of websites are making them fools about this issue.

trying to read and watch video about mardana timings so they can make money from viewers, but now we tell you true and authentic solution and reason behind this. first you all stop watching movies closely when your eyes very near to the screen and sleep every night at sharp 20:00 hrs. so you can healthy and make your body strong because sleep is very important for your mardana timings.
and other side you always staring ladies on their cleavage this is very dangerous for your mardana timings because you are weak day by day to watch pervert.

you must eat well like dates and other protein, iron and zinc foods and fruits, in breakfast you should not eat any oily food.



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