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Beauty And The Beast’s first trailer is here and it’s magical

The trailer for Disney’s live-action fairy tale remake Beauty and the Beast has finally been released and it’s magical.

The Dan Stevens, Luke Evans and Emma Watson starrer is already anticipated to break all records and the trailer builds up the wait quite perfectly.

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The two-minute trailer shows Emma Watson as Belle in her full glory, alongside Dan Stevens’ CGI Beast.

The trailer opens with Belle’s father being taken into captivity. It then shows Belle stumbling into the Beast’s run-down mansion while looking for her father.

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As Belle’s father warns her to leave she comes across the Beast who gives her the option to take her father’s place in the castle. Belle readily accepts and subsequently fights her way through and befriends the castle’s enchanted staff.

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The classic ballroom with Emma dancing alongside Beast in her yellow iconic dress steals the show.

Walt Disney Studios has teamed up with director Bill Condon for a live-action remake of one of the most successful animated movies in history, Beauty and the Beast.

The reboot of 1991 animated tale is set to be released on March 17 next year.

Watch the trailer here.

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