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The best and worst red carpet looks from the Lux Style Awards 2017

Last night’s Lux Style Awards in Karachi were an affair to remember; a bevy of stars made it out to Expo Centre, dressed to the nines.

With well-rehearsed dances and skits by Osman Khalid Butt stealing the show, we forgot all about the fashion we saw on the red carpet… nahhh, just kidding. We never take our eyes off your style game!

Some took home the trophies while others earned respect in the sartorial department. Here’s our own take on who won the style war last night and who didn’t.
Best looks
Mahira Khan’s sexy black dress

Mahira Khan stepped out of her usual princessy look with this slim-fitting dress with a sling sleeve.
You just can’t go wrong with a simple black dress

While the dress itself is fairly simple (almost too simple), it’s a new look for Mahira who usually favours girl-next-door looks. We’re so glad she decided to embrace this femme fatale style!
Sadaf Kanwal’s edgy bob

Sadaf Kanwal is a breath of fresh air, a celeb who knows how to experiment and keep us on our toes.
Who else wants to get a lob now?

She manages to stand out without looking too out of place and that haircut deserves a major shoutout. That bob can probably make the craziest fashion look good and has us itching to chop off our own tresses for the summer.
Mikaal Zulfiqar’s white-hot tux

A white tux is tricky to pull off but Mikaal Zulfiqar does it with aplomb, looking like a classy James Bond while he’s at it!
Who said white was boring?

Tooba Siddiqui’s effortless peplum

Tooba Siddiqui shows you how to do peplum right in this effortless Tena Durrani ensemble.
Here’s Tooba Siddiqui, keeping it classy

Plus, brownie points because it looked comfortable!
Safinaz Munir’s glamourous brights

Safinaz Munir dressed elegantly and age appropriate.
We want that cape in our closet stat!

The designer still managed to look fierce.
Worst dressed
Aaminah Sheikh’s tulle-much ballgown

Speaking of dressing age-appropriate, we’ve got a repeat offender in the house! Aamina Sheikh’s dress was just too poofy and looked rather childish.
Taking the saying ‘go big or go home’ a tad bit too seriously

Gohar Rasheed’s patterned blazer

A villain from the 80s called, he wants his outfit back.
We think it’s time to get a stylist, Gohar Rasheed

From the suit that crosses the line from quirky to weird to the mullet-styled hair, everything was just wrong about this. Gohar may have done worse but he can definitely do better.
Maya Ali’s red carpet

Maya Ali IS the red carpet here with this crazy overdose of red.
This colour overdose is just a little too OTT

Switch it up Maya. We get that you were opting for the whole lady in red look but this is a bit much. Try more colours, perhaps two?
Mawra Hocane’s Mahira throwback

We’re tired of talking about how tired we are of poofy princessy dresses but what really takes the cake here is that clutch. Did someone raid their little cousin’s closet?
Down with pink and poof!

The entire look was just too baby-girl, too flouncy, too… much.
Zara Abid’s OTT ruffles

We’re not even going to go on that weird block green look.
This Sana Safinaz outfit does Abid no favours

Guys just stop trying to make ruffles happen. It’s not going to happen.
Zhalay Sarhadi’s organza explosion

Again, when ruffles attack, especially in unattractive colours, no one is safe.
Not to mention, that’s not the best colour combo

What was Zhalay thinking? More importantly, what was Deepek Perwani thinking when he designed this horror?
Armeena Rana Khan’s casual confusion

We’re really confused. So either the Janaan actress is dressed like she’s ready to go to a wedding, the way she normally dresses or she shows up to the LSAs casually like this?

Maybe she was trying to go for the ‘I don’t care’ fuss-free look but there are better ways to do it, like in trendy sweatpants and a statement tee.
Crossbody bags are a big no-no on the red carpet!

We were sad to see this elegant stunner dragged down by a not-so-wow outfit. Sigh.

Courtesy : Dawn News



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