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With #DumpStarWars, Trump supporters are calling for a ban of the latest Star Wars movie

Supporters of recently elected US president Donald Trump are outraged by the idea that the latest addition to the Star Wars franchise, Rogue One: A Star Wars story contains anti-Trump sentiments in its ending.

They have started a Twitter hashtag #DumpStarWars as a means to protest and declare their intention to boycott the upcoming December release.

While there is no proof of these anti-Trump messages in the film, it may have been a specific tweet rant by writer Chris Weitz that sparked off the Twitter rage. After Donald Trump’s election, Weiz tweeted, saying “Please note that the Empire is a white supremacist (human) organization”, to which fellow writer Gary Whitta added: “Opposed by a multi-cultural group led by brave women.”

The tweet has long since been deleted, with only screenshots available for proof,

The tweet sparked outrage

However, Weitz has this tweet up;

The tweets sparked outrage amongst Trump supporters, with one supporter on Twitter claiming that these writers have changed the ending of Rogue One to add an anti-Trump segment.

Despite no proof of this information, supporters of Trump took over Twitter, giving life to the hashtag #DumpStarWars.

However, according to The Wrap, Disney has confirmed that there have been no such changes made to the script of the film. Supporters of the franchise have started using the same hashtag to speak against this boycott.

But does that stop the supporters from hating on Rogue One?

Apparently not. It seems that the bias of the writers against their president can not be separated from their work.

Star Wars was last under fire when Force Awakens featured a black male, John Boyega, and a female, Daisy Ridley as leads, and that didn’t stop the film from becoming the third highest grossing film of the year. Something tells us it will be the same with Rogue One, out on December 14.

courtesy : dawn news



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