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Famed drifter Ahmad Daham to visit Pakistan Dec 24

Internationally recognised drifter Ahmad Daham is all set to embark on his first Pakistan tour on December 24, said a statement issued on Wednesday.

Daham is a world-class drifter with a fan-following across the globe. He is a two-time Red Bull Car Park Drift Regional Champion (2014 and 2015 Middle East) and a Guinness World Record holder for longest twin drift.

Daham’s Pakistan tour is aimed at supporting Pakistan’s drifting community, bringing it up to par with the skills and techniques trending in the global drifting community, read the statement.

“I can’t wait to meet the drifters and drifting fans in Pakistan,” the Iraqi drifter said in his video message for the Pakistani fans.

Daham will begin his tour with his first stop being at Karachi, followed by Lahore where he will conduct Red Bull Car Park Drift Workshop with local drifters and share information about the new drifting skills and techniques.

The workshop will take place on Dec 28.

The drifter will also be travelling to Balochistan to shoot a clip in which he will showcase some of his best drifting skills using the famous Princess of Hope landmark in the province as the cultural backdrop.

Directed by Bilal Khan from Moving Images production house, the action-packed-drifting clip will be made available to the Pakistani audience and media in early January 2017.

courtesy : dawn news



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