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Faryal Makhdoom denies that she faked family drama for a reality show

Faryal Makhdoom recently made headlines when she alleged that her in-laws were harassing her, trying to cause a rift in her marriage to boxer, Amir Khan.

On Snapchat, Faryal, who is also building her own beauty brand, claimed that Amir’s family had attempted to hit her and also tried to engineer a divorce when she was nine months pregnant with the couple’s first child. She claimed that her husband was also a victim of their bullying tactics.
Screenshots of Faryal’s Snapchat story

Talking to Images, she shares, “I stayed quiet for so long and I’d see his siblings leaving comments on social media, saying stuff about me. I thought my silence would make them stop but they just took advantage of it so I thought it was time to show them my power, tell people my side of the story and build awareness. Where I live in the UK, in the North, a lot of women go through this. I spoke out for them; if they see Amir Khan’s wife speak out, it might inspire them to do the same.”

Soon after, her sister-in-law, Mariyah Khan clapped back on Snapchat.
Screenshots from Mariyah’s Snapchat story

Amir’s brother, Haroon Khan wasn’t far behind and decided to send out this subliminal tweet. Oh and FYI: SNM means say no more.

Confused? There’s more.

An already messy situation took a turn for the worse when UK tabloid The Sun, among other newspapers, reported that the family feud was a publicity stunt that was meant to pave the way (and create hype) for a reality television show starring Amir Khan and Faryal.

According to the British tabloid, the pair look to have teamed up with new Sky channel Booom TV for a Keeping Up with the Kardashians-style programme called Home With The Khans where cameras will follow their personal life.

Reports said this was announced in a now-deleted picture shared on the channel’s Instagram.
Screenshot of the deleted Instagram post

However, in a chat with us and on Twitter, Faryal has refuted these rumours, stating that “No HUMAN would put themselves through this drama for a publicity stunt!”

“I have no reality show coming up, that’s complete bulls**t, our main focus is Amir’s boxing, not a reality show so yeah, there’s no truth to it.”

Supportive husband Amir wasn’t far behind and decided to clear the air on his own Twitter account.

Too bad a reality show is probably not actually happening (“Booom Tv UK” has like 86 followers on Instagram so you can see why we’re not buying into it) because all this he said she said drama is exactly what the stuff of reality TV is made of.

courtesy : dawn news



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