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Feroze Khan perfectly shuts down Instagram followers over ‘inappropriate picture’

Social media allows us to take a glimpse into the lives of our favourite celebrities but in many cases, celebrities bear the brunt of fan bullying. But Feroze Khan is someone who is not going to stand for it.

Feroze recently became victim to mean, abusive comments from Instagram users after posting a picture with his co-star Aisha Khan on the set of Aik Pal, in which she was pictured leaning into him.

With many outraged by the picture, demeaning and hateful comments surfaced under the post which have since been deleted.

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In his defence, he made a quick video addressing the mean comments saying, “What makes Aisha a wh*re and me a b**tard when we’re two actors and we could be in the middle of a scene where we could be playing husband and wife?” The video too, has since been deleted.

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Fans did not leave this feud unnoticed and rushed to the rescue of their favourite actor, who decided to delete all the abusive comments. He did however highlight the fact that he would not let such comments slip from his attention.

Courtesy : Express Tribune



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