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Get, set, go: 3 Taal to take instrumental route towards Sufi music

LAHORE: With a string of musicians now in their ascent of glory, there’s no gainsaying that Lahore’s music industry is headed back on the track. The most recent to jump onto the bandwagon is the first of its kind instrumental band, 3 Taal. The brainchild of Vicky Hussain, this musical troupe has become the talk of town as it gears up to launch its first music video in January next year. Talking to The Express Tribune, the band front man divulged details about the vision behind 3 Taal’s music and future projects.

The band’s primary focus is to provide entertainment and carve a unique identity in the field of music. The group comprises six students, including Azib Khawaja on rhythm, Michael on keyboard, Jaan Peter on singhaar, Sohaib Sheikh on base and Zaigham Abbas on drums and Hussain on guitar. Currently, the band is performing at private functions in Lahore.

While there are multiple Pakistani bands that sing Sufi poetry, 3 Taal will not sing but use instruments instead. The band members do not plan to start singing in the future either, but they are eager to introduce new trends as an instrumental band and release more videos. “We will shoot our debut video in different historic and cultural cities of Pakistan,” Hussain said. They will also perform in France and be working with international singers and music directors to produce good quality music.

“We established 3 Taal with a mystical vision in mind. We don’t want people to dance to our music, we want them to feel something spiritual from within,” said Hussain. “Sufism was the only idea we had in mind before establishing our band, that too because Sufi saints played a very important role for the promotion of love and humanity in the subcontinent. It is amazing to see how Sufi music is appreciated by everyone around the world.”

Elaborating on the name of the band, Hussain stated, “3 Taal is a technique of Tabla playing. I decided to name the band after it because I plan to incorporate the same technique in guitar playing. So, I feel it is something original and different.” Hussain mentioned he wants to help eradicate the commonly held misconception that guitars are modern day instruments. “We will promote Sufi music through the guitar so that our music attracts new and old music listeners alike.”

Hussain feels the local music industry is on the right track but film business is lagging behind. “We will provide our services to the film and drama industry because we want to help it as much as we can. Although we are students and new in this field, we have previously worked for Rafi Pir Theater and Lahore Arts Council and this is how we got the confidence to start working on a bigger level,” Hussain concluded.

So far Sufi music was associated with any style that uses Sufi poetry but with 3 Taal taking a more instrumental approach towards this school of thought, one can only expect to be surprised by their final product.

Courtesy : Express Tribune



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