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Govt ignored her death anniversary but I won’t: Reshma’s son

LAHORE: November 4 marked the third death anniversary of legendary folk singer Reshma — a day that went unnoticed by entertainment industry veterans this year. While no cultural body organised an event to commemorate her contributions to Pakistani music, her achievements will always be remembered by her loved ones. The Lambi Judai singer’s son, Sawan Ali, has planned to host an event on November 13 to acknowledge her services.

“The government may have ignored her death anniversary but I won’t. Her contributions to music were overlooked during her lifetime as well. But there are a number of artists who have termed her as a legend of our country,” Sawan told The Express Tribune. “She will always remain in the hearts of many renowned singers.” Even artists such as Shoukat Ali lamented the government’s negligence in remembering talents like Reshma. “She should be remembered and recognised on the govt level even after her death. She did a lot for the country and that’s the only way we can pay her back,” said the folk singer.

According to Sawan, the Punjab government has made heavy investments in institutions such as the Lahore Arts Council, Punjab Arts Council and Punjab Institute of Languge Art and Culture to promote local artists. “These organisations are not fulfilling their roles of holding tribute events for legendary artists. My mother spent her entire life working for the country but it is a tragedy that no organisation acknowledges her efforts. That’s why I am organising an event in memory of her and I will invite local artists to speak about her,” added Sawan.

A few artists will also perform Reshma’s popular hits on the occasion. Sawan has also decided to distribute medals to those thespians who have tried their best to keep her memory alive and promote her vision. “Reshma was my inspiration. I started singing after watching her and I have learnt a lot from her. Her voice was so melodious and while many artists have covered her songs, I believe there is no one in this world who can sing the way she did,” shared folk singer Naseebo Lal.

Shoukat echoed Naseebo’s sentiments. “After Reshma, there has been no one with such a charming and sweet voice,” he added. “She was extremely talented and became popular wherever she performed.”

Reshma was born in Rajasthan in 1947, and migrated to Karachi the same year. She started her singing career when she was 12 and rose to fame after belting out multiple Indian and Pakistani hits. Her songs Lambi Judai, Kithay Nain Na Jori, Chori Chori and many others are still popular in both countries. “Reshma was from an ordinary family but she came so far only because of her hard work. Her songs are very touching and she impressed the world with her talent,” said Dr Sugra Sadad of the Punjab Institute of Language Art and Culture.

Courtesy : Express Tribune



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