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Hareem Farooq, Sidra Iqbal ask people to #WashTheLabel in Ariel’s new campaign

“Are we too quick to label each other?” asks Ariel’s new campaign, and rightly so.

The washing powder just launched a new campaign and guess who they’ve roped in? Actor Hareem Farooq and journalist Sidra Iqbal.

The new campaign comes with the hashtag #WashTheLabel and the commercial shines light on our society’s tendency for snap judgments and putting labels on people.

The two celebs shared their own experiences of being labeled in their respective fields.

Hareem shared her story on Instagram.

The Dobara Phir Se actor has been a victim of body-shaming, but in response to all the naysayers she wrote:

“For the longest time I had people telling me I was too big or too fat to be in the media and especially in front of the camera.

After being blessed to have worked with some amazing people and receiving immense love from my fans, who judged me more on my talent than my ‘body’, I realised what was really important. that is your health, mind, heart and soul.”

Simultaneously, she urged women who have “body-shamed by friends, family, teachers, parents and who are struggling to make their bodies a home for themselves,” to love themselves instead, flaws and strong suits alongside.

Sidra, on the other hand, took to Facebook.

The activist shared, “In my professional journey of diverse roles as broadcast journalist, entrepreneur, communication strategist and development activist, I have experienced a wide variety of attitudes and reactions.”

However, she pointed out that though she was fortunate to be surrounded by people who were supportive of her, many women are deprived of this.

“Every individual has a right to pursue their dreams and this could be anything from being a fashion model or becoming a doctor. Let’s not rob their confidence and happiness by judgement,” she wrote.

The idea behind Ariel’s campaign is quite simple: “We often stain characters by applying labels without understanding,” and it aims to eradicate it.

Here’s to hoping we “WashTheLabel away for good.

courtesy : dawn news



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