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Hitmen in actress Kismat Baig’s murder case held

Police arrested on Thursday the three hitmen who had allegedly murdered actor Kismat Baig at the instigation of her promoter Rana Muzamil on Nov 23.

Kismat Baig was shot at and injured by three gunmen outside her house in the Canal Bank Scheme. She died later in the day at the Services Hospital.

A senior police official said promoter Rana Muzamil had confessed to getting her killed by Rizwan, Abdul Rehman and Azam. They were arrested from Gujranwala on Thursday.

He said Muzamil had turned against her when Kismat refused to perform in his drama and also refused to return the money.

Another investigator said Muzamil had gone to Dubai to hire the killers.

Up to 40 theatre actors were interrogated in connection with the case.

courtesy : dawn news



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