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How Kangana Raunaut ‘cried for nights’ over Hrithik Roshan affair

A very prolonged alleged affair between Bollywood’s two finest actors has been the talk of the town for far too long. Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut’s spat was splashed all over the media in 2016.

Both actors have portrayed different angles to a single story. However, recently, Kangana opened up about how she felt during all the time she was the center of attention .

Hinting at the Hrithik Roshan affair, without naming him, Queen actor said, “Something in me, which has been the cause of all controversies, is urging me to say this. The voice inside me is saying don’t do this but it would be unfair to share such an important aspect of my life today,” she said while talking to The Indian Express.

Here’s why the Hrithik-Kangana spat is far from over

“The world knows me as an achiever and the world gives more importance to my achievements but for me, the most important thing about my personality is that I see myself as a lover. If I am a fan of any aspect of myself then it is the ability to love and to be able to stay in love even though the other doesn’t really feel the same thing.”

People tried to shame me, Kangana Ranaut says

She went on to say, “The letters that I might have written, which were brutally exposed to the world. How did I feel as a human being because every letter that you’ve written to your lover holds a lot of vulnerability? You are exposing part of your soul or yourself, not to the world but to an individual. I felt extremely naked in front of the world. I cried for nights in my room. People make fun of me.

“But I never answered to that brutality in the same spirit. I think that makes me see myself as a winner. I can’t help if I am not good enough for an individual but I think what’s not justice is to make fun of a woman’s vulnerabilities and sort of embarrass her for her desires.”

The feud between the actors started when Kangana allegedly called Hrithik “a silly ex”. The spat has not ended till this day, and the two steer clear of each other at all opportunities.

Kangana takes another brutal swipe at Hrithik Roshan

The two went on to solve the matter legally, with Hrithiks lawyer stating, “Media reports which suggest that the investigation into the Hrithik-Kangana emails is closed are totally false. A section of the media in connivance with Ms. Ranaut’s lawyer has sought to disseminate this false information,”

The two were first linked in 2013 when they came together in Krrish 3 but the rumour gained momentum after the actor officially separated from his wife Sussanne in December 2013.

courtesy : Express Tribune



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