Saturday , 19 August 2017
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Lohri festival is a popular Punjabi festival

Lohri is a popular Punjabi festival and celebrated by peoples who specially lives in punjab (pakistan, india) Lohri is original trademark festival is from Punjabi region.

Amitabh bachchan also wish people happy lohri 2017

in new upcoming movie Raees with pakistani most beautiful actress mahira khan’s song released based on lohri 2017 Udi Udi jaye.

Peoples believe in lohri festival commemorates the passing of the winter solstice many peoples believe Lohri represents the longest night before cool winter solstice as Lohri was originally celebrated on the night before winter solstice followed by the shortest day of the year which is observed on Maghi. approximately 15 or 16 centuries ago, these types of festivals were actually observed at the point of winter solstice which now generally occurs around 21, 22 or 23 December.

lohri is an entertainment festival so bollywood also celebrated this festival and creates songs like :

peoples enjoying with listening songs and sending sms in there friend circle to celebrate lohri festival, 2017 lohri festival is happy celebrating by indian and pakistani punjabis specially.



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