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London calling: The rise and rise of ‘chaiwala’ Arshad Khan

Ten weeks ago, an 18-year-old boy with striking green eyes took social media by storm.

Captioned “Hot-tea” and photographed by Jiah Ali at a dhaaba in Islamabad, Arshad Khan aka ‘chaiwala’ caught everyone’s attention with his drool-worthy looks.

This chai wala is brewing more than a cup of tea

Soon, his fame had spread far and wide, leaving The Sun, Mail Online, Khaleej Times, BBC, Hindustan Times and other publications stunned. When Express News tried to get hold of him, Arshad was found exactly where he was first discovered– at the Islamabad dhaba.

When asked if he was aware of all the fame that had come his way, Arshad replied, “Yes, I am aware of my newfound fame and am incredibly happy. My friends have been showing me pictures since morning.”

‘Chai wala’ Arshad Khan’s new music video is everything you need to see today

A few days later, Arshad landed a modelling contract with virtual Islamabad store “Arshad chaiwala will be working for fitin as a model,” the store said in a statement on its Facebook page. The “Chaiwala is no more chaiwala, now he is fashion wala!” the store added in a tongue-in-cheek tagline.

chai wala new look #chaiwalla first step in modelling #chaiwala #modeling #shooting #fitit #actor

A photo posted by ArshadKhan SupperStar (@chaiwala.officiall) on

Chai wala lands ‘modeling contract’

50 shades of arshad khan #chaiwalla #chaiwala #famous #actor #model

A photo posted by ArshadKhan SupperStar (@chaiwala.officiall) on

Later, a Twitter account said to be run by Team Arshad Khan, where everything is posted with the the overnight sensation’s approval, emerged.

#arshadkhan #chaaiwalla #chaiwala #lollywood

A photo posted by ArshadKhan SupperStar (@chaiwala.officiall) on

which look is good? #ChaiWala #arshadkhan #chaiwala #chaaiwalla

A photo posted by ArshadKhan SupperStar (@chaiwala.officiall) on

Then Arshad walked the ramp for the first time in connection with Pakistan Bridal Couture Week 2016.

Soon after his ramp debut, Arshad appeared in a cringe-worthy music video by Lahore-based duo Lil Mafia Mundeer. The video traces his rise to fame.

Arshad Khan Chai Wala First Official Music Video

Then news trickled in that the ‘chaiwala’ had been ranked among the Sexiest Men of 2016. The poll, conducted by Eastern Eye, a London-based weekly publication also named Deepika Pudokone as the Sexiest Asian Woman of 2016, reported India Today.

Now word has it that he will soon be travelling to the UK and the UAE in connection with his debut film. Speaking to The Express Tribune, Arshad revealed that he had previously turned down several acting offers. The chaiwala will essay the role of the hero’s brother in Kabeer.

‘Chai wala’ Arshad Khan to walk the ramp at Bridal Couture Week 2016

“Whatever amount I am being offered is equivalent of 10 million to me because what really matters is signing my first film,” Arshad said. Earlier, he had rejected any talk of pursuing an acting career saying, “It is not honourable work. Pashtuns always look for work that is honourable….If I can find some clean, honourable work, I will certainly do it,” he is reported to have said

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