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Mahira promotes Raees in Dubai, says she still can’t believe she’s cast in the film

Mahira Khan’s finally made it to Raees promotions. The actor is in Dubai, where she’s making appearances, giving interviews and pulling off style statements left, right and centre.

However, she won’t be seen with her co-star Shah Rukh Khan. The two actors are staying on separate floors of the same hotel, so a joint appearance seems to be out of the question, a report in Khaleej Times reveals.

However, that doesn’t stop Mahira Khan from having a good time!
She nailed the all-white look!

The actor gave an interview to Khaleej Times, talking about Raees and future prospects.

Mahira revealed that landing her role in Raees was unexpected and sudden, “When I got the first call for Raees, I was numb and I did not know how to react. Because it was too quick. I didn’t know anybody in Bollywood. I have never given my portfolio or met anyone, so it was very random. Someone saw my work, called for an audition and then said, come. All of this happened within a matter of a week. I couldn’t digest it then and I am not able to understand it even now.”

She learned a lot from co-star SRK. “I am very grateful that I got to work with Shah Rukh for several reasons. He is someone who is such a big star. He is so hard working that it is unbelievable and I have taken that back home with me. I have learnt that the bigger you are, the harder you have to work.”

She also describes her character in the movie, saying, “My character is that of a strong woman who is in love. She is kind and Raees’s conscience. She is the lighter side of Raees’s life.”

According to Mahira, the song ‘Zaalima’ was a last minute addition, “‘Zaalima’ was added at the last minute. I am happy that now I have a romantic song with Shah Rukh Khan. There were a lot of hours of working and we were hardly sleeping. We would sleep for an hour and run back to shoot. But it was fun.

“It was a song so it was easier to do. It was a bit tougher for me because we are not used to song and dance in our films even though we do it, but this kind of romance and slow speed was new for me.”

We’re looking forward to more fun tidbits from Mahira, as we wait for Raees’ release here in Pakistan.

Courtesy : Dawn News



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