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Mawra Hocane pours heart out in post about Farhan-Urwa haters

Love them or hate them, Farhan Saeed and Urwa Hocane have cemented their status as Pakistan’s most popular couple. The hype around the couple reached an all-time high last week when they tied the knot in arguably one of the most high-profile celebrity weddings we have seen in recent times.

However, the grandeur wedding became a sticking point for many outside observers, with many saying it was ‘insensitive’ to the public at large. The wedding events received extensive coverage from the media and as expected, with that came extensive criticism.

Now, the bride’s sister Mawra Hocane has taken to social media to pour her heart out on the issue.
Urwa Hocane and Farhan Saeed finally tie the knot

The Sanam Teri Kasam actor posted a heart-wrenching picture of Urwa with an injured leg on her Facebok page, followed by a long post captioned, “Disclaimer: I’m pouring my heart into this post. Read only if you are all for love! #UrwaFarhan.”

Mawra began by thanking her fans for their love and support and then spoke the people who are giving negative comments on the couple’s wedding pictures. “I thank the millions of you who prayed for us, who wished well for us and still do. But with a very heavy heart, I want to convey my sadness and disappointment at that tiny fraction of people who are good for nothing except pointing fingers at others because it’s easy,” she wrote.

The starlet further revealed that the day of the wedding was very stressful for Urwa, as she had sustained a leg injury prior to the event. “My sister injured her ankle on the day of her nikkah, so much so she could not walk the next day but what do you know about her pain? All you saw was that big smile on her face as she greeted each and every fan and every member of the family. We won’t tell you and you won’t notice because, of course, being a hater gets you attention.”
Everything you need to know about Urwa-Farhan’s grand reception

Mawra continued, “Sadly, it’s the same critics who, when not invited to an event, complain about how the celebrities don’t give them due importance.” She even defended how public the wedding was, saying, “We shared it with you and made you a part of our celebrations. If you have a problem with that, deal with it. Nobody knows Urwa and Farhan how I know them.”

Mawra signed off the long post by saying, “as sister to the bride you’re trying to shame for being happy on her own wedding day and a sister-in-law to possibly the most caring and loving human being in the world.”

courtesy : Express Tribune



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