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A new Mr Bean episode is in the works

We haven’t seen the last of Mr Bean.

Rowan Atkinson, the 62-year-old actor/comedian who plays the iconic comic character, has said that a new episode is in the works and it will star Mr Bean as an “old age pensioner”.

Of playing Mr Bean in his senior years, he says, “It would be very funny to see where we can go with him as an old man and what kind of comedy we get out of it. Playing an old person can be very funny.”

13 episodes of Mr Bean aired between 1990 until 1995, and a previously unseen episode was broadcast in 2006. There have also been two Mr Bean movies, Bean: The Ultimate Disaster Movie in 1997 and 2007’s Mr. Bean’s Holiday. An animated show is still broadcast today.

Although Rowan has since progressed to more serious roles, he says he will never retire from Mr Bean.

“No I don’t really have plans like that. You go with the parts that are offered that inspire you. I would never finally wave goodbye to any character – I feel as though I could still play Bean. It’s just the emphasis tends to shift,” he had said.

Courtesy : Dawn News



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