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One Man Is Destined To Save Humanity

There’s probably hundreds of theories about the end of the world as we know it. Some are far-fetched while others are more plausible. No matter the theories however, most people seem to agree humanity is apparently going to self destruct sooner or later.

The Book of Eli tells of such a tale. Around thirty years after the final war, America is a complete wasteland. With empty cities, broken highways and withered earth around him, a man walks alone in the imprints of the catastrophic destruction. A lawless and empty land lays all around. What once was civilization is now just a memory. The roads belong to gangs of outlaws who would murder a man for anything they can get their hands on… or even for nothing at all.

Although dangers surround him, this man has no fear.

Eli is a warrior seeking peace. A warrior not by choice but by necessity, he is ready to fend off anyone who stands in his way. He carries a hope for the future. A hope he’s protected for thirty years. The one reason why he’s still partaking on this journey. Driven by this commitment and guided by his belief in something greater than himself, Eli is a survivor. He’s learned the hard way.

The power Eli holds is understood by only one other man in this apocalyptic world. This man is known as Carnegie and he is determined to make it his own. He is the self appointed leader of a town housing thieves, gunmen and other outlaws. Carnegie’s daughter on the other hand, is fascinated by Eli. She truly believes that there might still be hope for a life without destruction. She wants to get to know him. She wants to understand him.

Nonetheless nothing can stand in his way. He knows he must keep moving to fulfil his destiny, complete his mission and bring help to a devastated humanity.

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