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Qandeel, Momina among Pakistan’s most Googled people of 2016

Pakistan is an inquisitive nation; we just love to know what people are doing, saying, wearing…

Google Pakistan’s just-released list of most searched people tells us that we’ve been most curious about people we lost earlier this year. We’ve also been fairly hooked to the American elections.

Here’s the full list from Qandeel Baloch to Donald Trump to DJ Bravo (?!):
1) Qandeel Baloch

This was the year that Qandeel Baloch really broke out as a social media sensation. Her strip-tease offer to Shahid Afridi went viral, as did her expose of Mufti Qavi’s lecherous ways. Soon, it was revealed that she was once married with a child. And before we know it, Qandeel was gone, snuffed out as she had just begun to grasp what she wanted to represent.

Given that her last year of life was so eventful, we’re not surprised that Qandeel Baloch is #1 on this list.
2) Amjad Sabri

No one was prepared for Amjad Sabri’s cold-blooded murder in broad daylight on June 22, 2016. His fans dug into the digital archives of his vast repertoire of work, sharing their favourites to keep his memory forever alive.
3) Abdul Sattar Edhi

The nation lost its biggest hero when philanthropist Abdul Sattar Edhi passed away after a long illness on July 8, 2016. As tributes poured in, there was plenty for his admirers to read and get a sense of what we’ve lost.
4) Donald Trump

The reality star/business man became the US president. And he kept the election race engrossing to say the least with his hard-to-believe stance on race, minorities, immigrants and women.
5) Momina Mustehsan

The singer may have made the most smashing debut on Coke Studio Season 9, becoming an instant household name, not just for her singing skills, but also her smile. Young men in the country were crushing on her left, right and centre, and after rumours of an engagement broke the internet, Momina went and actually got hitched, breaking hearts all over Pakistan.
6) Mumtaz Qadri

Salman Taseer’s security guard was hanged on February 29, 2016 this year.
7) Pratyusha Banerjee

The Indian TV star committed suicide on April 1. Her untimely death — she was just 24 — sparked interest in her life and work on this side of the border too.
8) Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton’s election race against Donald Trump was electrifying and her shimmying on stage during the debate nights were enough for memes to start sprouting all over social media.
9) Melania Trump

The now First Lady was criticised for giving a speech identical to Michelle Obama’s during the election race and needless to say, all hell broke loose.
10) DJ Bravo

Dwayne Bravo popularly known as DJ Bravo is a Trinidadian cricketer and singer who sang the song ‘Champion’ which became immensely popular after the victory of West Indies in both male and female cricket tournaments.

courtesy : dawn news



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