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Relationship status: It’s complicated

KARACHI: After nearly a decade-long hiatus from the silver screen, Pakistani director Mehreen Jabbar is now gearing up to take cinemagoers on an incredible journey of life, with her new film Dobara Phir Se.

The film stars some of the biggest names of the local entertainment circuit, such as Sanam Saeed, Adeel Husain, Hareem Farooq, Ali Kazmi and Tooba Siddiqui in key roles. Its storyline orbits growing friendships and relationships of five adults as they face various ups and downs in their respective lives.

Speaking to The Express Tribune, the cast of Dobara Phir Se, spilled the beans on their forthcoming venture and what one can expect of it. According to Saeed, the film is a coming-of-age, romantic drama based in New York which addresses dating culture in Pakistan. “It is a 21st century film and revolves around mature, steady relationships. It portrays contemporary couples who date before marriage, which happens everywhere now,” she revealed. “Our audience will be able to relate to it since the dating culture has evolved in Pakistan as well.”

The Bachaana actor shared that the film displays experiences relevant to all age-groups. “It shows how people manage life, its complications and different relationships as they date, breakup, move on, hunt for jobs, deal with friendships and other things,” Sanam added. “It incorporates people of all ages, from new borns to youngsters like Shaaz Khan of Moor and adults like Atiqa Odho. It delves into the way people find their way out of life and live it in the process,” she added.

Farooque, the other leading lady in the film, revealed that the characters are very genuine and relatable. “If each one of us could relate to one or more of the characters while shooting the film, I believe other people will also be able to relate to them for sure,” said the actor.

Husain who plays the role of Hammad in Dobara Phir Se said the film illustrates déjà vu moments at different stages. “It is like coming back full circle. It portrays the chances life gives us time and again, although we often fail to recognise or avail them.”

Kazmi plays the role of Hammad’s best friend Vassay and shared that the film focuses on the complicated relationships people face on an everyday basis. “Dobara Phir Se portrays the flow of life, connections with people and the simpler sides of things that apparently look complicated to us in real life. It will create its own archetype,” explained the Jackson Heights star.

Interestingly, several international artists have worked on the project as well, including the American actor Michelle Sohn of Apartment 12 and choreographer James Koroni, who has previously worked with Madonna.

Fresh faces and a storyline combined with equally refreshing cinematography render this film a mixed bag of love, romance, friendships, tragedies whilst portraying the impeccable talent found within our entertainment industry. Written by Bilal Sami with music by Haniya Aslam, Dobara Phir Se is set to hit the screens on November 25 this year.

Courtesy : Express Tribune



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