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Stuff Nawaz Sharif and Donald Trump can do together now that they’re basically besties

Last night Pakistan’s information ministry released notes from Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s very first telephonic conversation with America’s President Elect Donald Trump.

The notes reveal Donald Trump was effusive in his praise for Nawaz Sharif, calling him a “terrific guy”. At one point Donald Trump also admitted that in conversing with Sharif he felt he was “talking to a person I have known for a long time”.

Donald Trump and Nawaz Sharif have never met.

And yet, they seem pretty darn close already.

So what’s next on the agenda for these best buds?

We think we know what they’ll do next…
1) Swap hair stories
Sharif and Trump desperately trying to convince people they have real locks.

From the looks of their exchange, not even a hair’s breadth separates Nawaz Sharif from Donald Trump. It only follows that the first thing these dudebros will swap notes on is their hair.

After all, both have had their share of hair woes, even if these traumas are entirely different in nature: reports allege Nawaz Sharif is on a perpetual quest to thicken his scant locks via surgical strikes and Donald Trump seeks to convince a skeptical public that his crowning glory is in fact real.

We can imagine hours of scintillating conversation between the two based on hair stories alone. There’s so much ground to cover, like favourite barbers, favoured hair oils… maybe Sharif can teach Trump some desi totkas too.

2) Co-author a memoir titled ‘How to Run a Kleptocracy (And Get Away With It)’
Or maybe they should go for a Netflix series instead, pretty sure the memoir won’t be coherent…?

Never before have two friends been so alike in their special interests.

In the days after the election, Trump sought ways to maintain his business empire while in office. Across the globe Nawaz Sharif and his family seek to protect their own assets from scrutiny.

Together they’d pen the perfect self-help book for any billionaire who also wants to take a stab at running a country.
3) Shop for luxury goods
Sharif’s Louis Moinet and Trump’s Brioni suits have made more headlines than Kimmy K.

Donald Trump has been known to buy $2,000 suits, sail in fully loaded yachts and fly in private planes.

Nawaz Sharif has been known to shell out the big bucks too: recent reports claimed his watch costs $4.6 million.

We all know that friends who shop together drop together — so here’s hoping Trump and Sharif break out their credit cards and go crazy.

Sure, Sharif might have to trade Bond Street for Fifth Avenue. But who’s complaining?
4) Boast about their daughters
Like father like daughter is fitting in this context.

Trump and Sharif have something else in common: exceptionally strong-willed daughters i.e. Ivanka Trump and Maryam Nawaz respectively.

We all know parents love to highlight their offspring’s achievements. This is just one more way this dynamic duo could pass their time.
5) Moan about the media
“Y U DO DIS MEDIA?” ask both heads of state.

Both Donald Trump and Nawaz Sharif have had an uneasy relationship with the media recently.

Trump has called out major American news channels and newspapers for bias and “bad reporting.”

Sharif and the PML-N have had their fair share of skirmishes with the Pakistani media too, clashing on free speech and coverage of civil-military relations.

What better way for two heads of state to blow off steam than to indulge in a little light roasting of the media? They’ve earned it, don’t you think?
6) Build bridges (metaphorically AND literally)
Sharif is good with his hands… and Trump… well, he’s got stamina… for heavy building.

Nawaz Sharif and the PML-N government like to build stuff. Thanks to their penchant for construction, we Pakistanis – or Lahoris at the very least – have more bridges, signal-free corridors, underpasses and metro stations than we possibly need.

Donald Trump likes to build stuff too. Stuff like hotels and casinos. In fact, he’s called for more investment into America’s roads and bridges.

With a shared love for construction to unite them, there’s little doubt these two pals will ‘cement’ their relationship through ‘towering’ achievements.

Who knows, a Trump golf course in Raiwind might be just what US-Pak relations needs.

courtesy: dawn news



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