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Watch Waqar Zaka ring in New Year with the people of Syria

Known for speaking his mind, Living on the Edge host Waqar Zaka has always stayed in the limelight one way or another.

Just as everyone was busy presenting new year resolutions and taking to social media, Waqar was on his way to Aleppo, Syria to welcome 2017 with the war ravaged country’s citizens.

Rethinking the fall of Aleppo

In a 20 minute video posted on his official Facebook page, Waqar documented his Syria journey, assessing the situation in the country. As the video commences, Waqar explained his absence from the social media citing poor internet access.

“People here are educated. Therefore it is not as easy to record anything as they ask numerous questions pertaining to where the video will be shared and why it is being recorded,” the Living on the Edge host says.

On the way to Azaz he says, “It’s no more a war zone. No firing, no bombs falling from the sky, but the roads are all deserted.”

21 civilians ‘executed’ by rebels in Aleppo

On reaching Azaz, the sound of gunfire and bombing is captured in the video, which then suddenly stops. “If you guys expect to find a war zone here, it is over,” Waqar says.

The VJ also asks time and again where the war, a staple of news broadcasts the world over, is taking place. He also notes how people once accustomed to leading lavish lifestyles were now reduced to living in slums. Waqar then goes on to distribute assistance among the affected, saying that the help comes from the people of Pakistan.

Watch the video here:

Courtesy : Express Tribune



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