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Will Hadiqa Kiani’s new video give us mehndi goals?

Hadiqa Kiani is planning a comeback and it looks grand!

The ‘Boohey Barian’ singer is working on a new album titled Wajd and a music video for one of its track ‘Chaap Tilak’ is garnering lots of interest.
Hadiqa Kiani getting styled by Ali Xeeshan — Photo courtesy Raza Tirmize

Sneakpeeks from the video’s shoot are circulating online and one can spot designer Ali Zeeshan and model Hasnain Lehri and newcomer Anushey Mughal in the photos.

So what’s this new video all about?

Hadiqa will be performing her rendition of Amir Khusro’s poem ‘Chaap Tilak’ in the video, which is based around a traditional mehndi.
Hadiqa Kiani performs. Hasnain Lehri acts in the ‘Chaap Tilak’ video — Photo courtesy Raza Tirmize

For the music video, photographer/filmmaker Abdullah Haris wants to capture the celebration of a mehndi “in an unprecedented way.” The mehndi event in the video has been designed by event planner Aima Jaffar and the shoot takes place at the historic haveli of Yousaf Salahuddin in old Lahore.

Here are some more pictures from the shoot:
A super team for a major comeback! Photo courtesy Raza Tirmize

Ali Xeeshan finalises Anushey Mughal’s look Photo courtesy Raza Tirmize

The video will show mehndi celebrations ‘in an unprecedented way’ Photo courtesy Raza Tirmize

The team is prepared for a grand music video Photo courtesy Raza Tirmize

With tours around Pakistan keeping her busy she recently performed live for Turkish president, Erdogan at Lahore Fort we’re glad Hadiqa is taking out the time to produce new music. Could the ‘Chaap Tilak’ video give us mehndi goals? We’ll wait for the vid to find out.

courtesy : dawn news



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