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Winter skin care cheat sheet: What you need to know

Its time to show your skin some extra love. SCREENGRAB

It’s that time of year again when the days get shorter, leaves turn crisp and the weather begins to chill. A change in the environment can leave your complexion deprived of moisture and wreak havoc on your skin. So we decided to show you how you can show your skin some extra love by following these simple steps.

Disha Meher, National Expert – Skin and Nails, Lakmé Salon, lists an easy and simple cheat sheet that will put an end to all your winter agonies.


1. Dehydration

If your skin looks patchy and fine lines have started appearing, it is definitely dehydrated and dry. The moisture level of your skin is decreasing because of reduced sebum. Opt for a white tea skin treatment as it has antioxidant properties that nourish your skin and restore its vital moisture content.

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2. Sensitivity

Redness and inflammation are usually caused due to sensitivity that occur due to changes in the weather conditions. Choose your products very carefully and moisturise you skin regularly to combat sensitivity. You can also try a soothing facial that will restore your skin’s pH levels.


3. Lifeless and sallow skin

Your skin might lose its luster and look lifeless in the winter season. The skin’s acid mantle is affected and hence the skin’s moisture and oil balance is disturbed. Massage your skin with a nourishing oil like Argon oil before bed time. It will maintain the necessary levels of collagen in your skin.

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4. Cracked feet

A common problem faced during winter is cracked feet. These superficial or deep fissures on the heels make your feet very rough. It is vital to avoid remaining bare foot and to moisturise your feet regularly. During winter, apply a thick moisturiser or a special cracked feet cream and wear socks while sleeping.

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